Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Egyptian Art

I'm a little behind in posting these, but better late than never. Every year, myself and my cohorts (music, library, whoever wants to join in) do a themed unit with the kids. The theme for Spring 2014 was Egypt, and needless to say, there was a LOT of gold paint involved! I would like to give special thanks to those who purchased from PCE's Art to Remember fundraiser; those funds helped buy gold paint and plaster gauze for masks.

4th grade used King Tutankhamun's many coffin layers within his sarcophagus as inspiration, making our own boxes from clay.

6th grade designed their own funerary masks using plaster gauze on a face mold, cardboard, and acrylics.

3rd grade looked at the "weighing of the heart" portion of the Book of the Dead and practiced drawing figures in an Egyptian style, using a crayon resist with watercolor.  Yes, we all practiced walking like Egyptians before we started! (They found out it's harder than it looks).  The sarcophagus below was made by our librarian, using an actual cardboard coffin box, courtesy of Shoemaker Funeral Home.

4th grade practiced their landscape skills by painting pyramids!  We used a wet-on-wet watercolor technique for the sky and ground (with a li'l bit o' salt for sand texture) and tempera for our pyramids.  Camels/grave robbers were popular details...

2nd graders learned about King Tut's cartouche and made their own, Egyptian hieroglyphs included.  Once they took them home, they had so much fun fooling their friends into thinking their gold-painted ceramic cartouche was real.

5th grade worked their metal skills and created toolings from brass-coated aluminum based on the animal forms of popular gods/goddesses.

A great time was had by all!  There were more projects involved, but the kids were so excited about them, I sent them home right away and forgot to take pictures.  My loss.

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