Wednesday, February 25, 2015

George Ohr Mugs-6th grade

A long-standing tradition at both of my schools is for 6th grade to make mugs.  They love having functional art to take home, and they also love to give them as gifts.  I started doing mugs first semester instead of second for that very reason-the kids work harder and faster because they want to give them as Christmas presents.  Win-win for all!  Here are some of the highlights, inspired by the art of George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi.  Ohr was one to think outside the box and make pottery that was considered strange and ahead of his time.  We did the same, and had some pretty awesome results!

A little surprise awaits inside....

The witch hat comes off to reveal your tasty beverage.

There's always that one student who doesn't believe me when I say that you can't just glaze over a 'whoopsie' on a mug, or they don't believe that all the colors will show through if they layer them.  Here's a before and after shot for all non-believers.  This student experimented with at least 6 different colors of glaze and layered them all.

Before firing...

...and after! 

This is what happens when you layer all of your glazes.  ALL of the colors still show!  It did make for an interesting piece, I must admit.

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