Friday, April 17, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Alien Design-Mixed Age

This project was so much fun for the kids it'll probably become a keeper.  Over the summer, I stumbled across an app called 123D Sculpt.  It's free, and it's perfect for beginning computer generated design.  My 'guinea pig' class for this project was a mixed grade group (kids from grades 1-6 are in there are the moment).  Not one of them had trouble with it, but it was still challenging enough to be fun.  Getting them to work wasn't an issue-getting them to stop was another story.

Our focus was on the many aliens of Star Wars and how to create something that looks other-wordly/hasn't been seen before.  They started with a head, and had to use tools in the app to make the human head look alien.  Once those were finished, we moved on to a full body.  Yeah, some are kind of extreme, but that's what you get with a class full of boys!

Tie for Artist of the Week

 Tie for Artist of the Week

 Also made by an Artist of the Week-his body is above

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