Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Baby Groot-2nd Grade

We are Groot!  2nd grade is, anyway. Since my focus this spring is sci-fi, we had to have something actually become part of a movie. They all learned a little about modeling, texture, and stop-motion animation using Baby Groot as our subject.  We watched a clip of Baby Groot dancing (which was the best part of Guardians of the Galaxy, anyway), and talked about how to make a paper bag look like Groot.  The kids agreed that texture and movement were both important.  We glued some donated rocks into the bottom of our Groot pots for added weight and to make him appear 'planted,' and added a pipe cleaner to his arms so he could actually strike a pose.  They also felt Groot's pot was a little plain, so we added a pattern to jazz it up a little.

After we finished Groot, we used the Lego Movie Maker app to create a stop-motion animation movie featuring our very own dancing Groots!  I will admit, the app can be a little buggy, namely in the music department.  Some of the kids would add their music, save, and the music would magically be gone forever.  We tried.  The kids got the gist of it, anyway, and they now understand just how hard stop-motion animation is.  Most stop-motion movies have 700 pictures per 1-2 minutes of movie.  Our Groot videos are 7-10 seconds long, and the kids were taking 20+ pictures.  

This was my example for the kids (and it demonstrates my point about the music-I added it, but it magically disappeared.  I uninstalled, re-installed, and still no functioning music).  A big shout out goes to my husband for taking all the pics while I did all the posing.

Here are a few student-made examples.  Considering the fact that these were done by 7 and 8 year olds, I think they did a pretty good job!

I also had a geektastic moment on this project while trying to figure out how to better share our videos with the school-I added a QR code to my display case sign.  Just scan and view-problem solved!

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