Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Space in Space by Special Needs

My special needs kiddos love anything sensory and messy (as do I), so of course they were up for...shaving cream and splatter painting-on the same day! What better to make from marble-y style shaving cream paintings than planets?

We started out by rubbing a toothbrush covered in white paint over the prongs of forks, making instant controlled splatters-stars for our black background.  It was a win-win for the aides and the kids.  Next, each table was given a foil pan covered in shaving cream and smoothed with a spoon.  I added a few drops of red, yellow, and blue liquid watercolor to each pan, and the kids mixed like crazy with their forks.  Put paper in, rub, take paper out, and take it to Mrs. Heigl for scraping (with a home-made plastic squeegee).  Once all that messy shaving cream is scraped off, the kids are left with a beautiful marbled piece of paper.  After everything had a chance to dry, they traced different sizes of circles, cut and glued (after talking about space/distance), and added a few spaceships with construction paper crayons.  X-wings and tie fighters are the easiest to make, so those were popular.  A couple kids even made their own black holes and other galaxies far, far away.

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