Monday, April 13, 2015

Chinese Cherry Blossom Fans-3rd grade

This is my last 'Miss Holmquist' post.  She's all done here and is currently working through her last few weeks of student teaching at McCutcheon High School, but I wanted to share her last project that she completed with 3rd grade.

I mentioned earlier that I don't pass up freebies, and the speech teacher was somehow given a REALLY big box full of blank paper fans.  She didn't see how she would need 200+ paper fans, so she gave them to me (and of course, I said YES!).  I told Miss Holmquist she could use them if she wanted, so she did.  Only my Prairie Crossing 3rd graders had time to make them; hopefully Otterbein can join in next year.

Third grade looked at the style of cherry blossom trees as painted by Hokusai (Japanese artist, but painted in a Chinese style-also went by multiple names throughout his life).  They were trying to create a sense of balance on their fan and paint in a more loose style.  Since the fans were pre-made, she had to do some modification and tape the fans down to drawing boards in order to be painted.  The kids were really excited to make them and were itching to take them home, so I had to hold the fans from one group hostage for my display (you'll get them back soon-promise).

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