Friday, April 3, 2015

Louise Nevelson Wood Scrap Sculptures-1st grade

This one goes out to my brother-in-law.  He does a lot of woodworking, and (to my delight) he has a habit of saving the scraps.  No good art teacher passes up freebies!  As long as I've been teaching (all 12 years), he's had enough scraps for all of my 125 first graders to make a wood scrap sculpture inspired by Louise Nevelson.

Nevelson would scour the streets of New York, searching for wood and metal scraps that could become part of her next masterpiece.  They were always arranged attractively and always painted one color for unity.  My first graders did the same, using those very scraps I was given.  I put trays at each row, filled with odd-and-end pieces of wood, and they go 'dumpster diving' for 6-8 pieces of treasure among those chunks.  I have a rule-I don't hand out glue bottles until they've figured out how their sculpture will stand BY ITSELF, i.e. not defeating gravity.  That's always the biggest challenge-getting them to understand that I can't hold their sculpture until the glue dries.  I do have other classes to teach.  Once dry, we paint them with ONE color for unity.  They also learn how hard it is to paint in teeny tiny spaces and to paint ALL of the wood so it is just one color.  This is part of 2015's crop.


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