Friday, April 3, 2015

Wayne Thiebaud Cakes-4th grade

Miss Holmquist, my student teacher, definitely impressed me with this project.  It was so ambitious that it was the only project she completed with 4th grade during her 8 weeks with me (thank you, snow days and delays!), but I think it was worthwhile.  The kids LOVED it, to say the least.

Wayne Thiebaud is a California artist known as 'the dessert guy.' He's made paintings of cakes, pies, ice cream sundaes, suckers...if it's delicious and bad for you, he's painted it.  They're always in neat little rows or display cases, and he tends to use a palette of 'happy' colors.  Who wouldn't want to make cake that lasts forever?

Using just pre-cut cardboard (cut by Miss Holmquist and some of her Purdue friends), newspaper, and a little watered down glue, the kids created cake masterpieces.  They were to use a tint, a hue, and a shade to paint their layers; pom-poms, glitter glue, and sequins topped it all off.  When they were complete, we hot-glued the corners to plates.  Here comes the highlight reel...

First up earned Artist of the Week for Otterbein!

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