Sunday, May 17, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Alien Invasion in Art! Mixed Age

LOOK OUT!  There's aliens in the Art room!  At least, that's the look we were going for.  Continuing my sci-fi unit with the boys was a no-brainer since they were SO into it, so I taught a lesson in basic green screen work.  I found footage (thank you, YouTube) of how the original green screen work for Star Wars was done, and we tried our hand at our own using 123D Creature Show.  This app contains pre-made creatures that can be posed to your liking, and you get to take your own pictures for the background.  Put them together, adjust the pose and lighting, and you have your very own alien/zombie/monster invading the school!  The only downside was the tablet itself-our school is right by a wind farm, so it made sense to want to go outside and take a few pictures...who wouldn't want to see a giant bunny in overalls hanging from a wind turbine, right?  The glare on the screen was an issue-we were shooting blind.  The app also doesn't remember multiple photos; you have to take the one you want and work on the creature at that point.  Boo.

Once we got over our technical glitches, we tried again in the classroom, and these are the end results.  The boys did a pretty good job of finding unique angles from which to take their pictures.  From the looks of it, I think I have a pretty big pest problem...



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