Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Alien Spaceships-1st grade

I know-MORE aliens in underpants!  Who could resist?  It's colorful, crazy, fun, and also a great way to teach pattern to kids.  1st grade focused on the spaceships, and we didn't just draw them-we built them!  We made sure to include a control panel (very important-the kids could even tell me the functions for each of their controls) and lights on the outside.  We couldn't just draw the lights, though, so we used acrylic stones for some bling!  The main rule was the stones had to make a pattern and they could not use more than 12 stones total (because some kids want to use everything in the bowl...which doesn't sit well with me since there are up to 75 other kids who want to use them.  I will admit, the original idea for this project came from a pin and I modified it to make it even more fun.

First up: Artist of the Week, followed by a few other alien friends.

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