Thursday, May 14, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Baymax Masks! 1st Grade

I'm a HUGE Disney fan, and seeing as I'm doing a science fiction unit, who could resist the urge to make a new Baymax mask?  The kids had a chance to learn about concept artists and how they don't create just one fabulous idea and run with it-they make sketch after sketch and work with a team to decide upon the best look for that particular character.  I hired the entire first grade to be my concept art crew and design a new look for Baymax for the (surely) coming as-yet-unnamed sequel to Big Hero 6.  They had to make it symmetrical, could use any colors they wanted (maybe Baymax gets a female personal healthcare companion?)  and couldn't go too large on the attachments-we do want the big guy to easily maneuver around wherever he may be.  From our future Disney concept artists, I present to you....BAYMAX!  If some of the kids look a little stiff in the video, they have a reason-they were trying to hide art boxes.

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