Sunday, May 17, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Black Light Special

One of the perks of teaching elementary art is that everything is MAGIC.  Mix new colors? Magic!  Throw some salt on a painting and it leaves spots behind? Magic!  Use neon colors and put in a dark place with a bunch of black lights...MAGIC!  Kindergarten's Aliens in Underpants, special needs' Fredzilla-based costume designs (from Big Hero 6), and 3rd grade's Star Wars inspired ceramic creatures were all made/decorated from something neon for this sole purpose (plus, it's COOL).  Thanks to Mrs. Martin (librarian) for being so willing to go along with my scheme, and also thanks to Mrs. Pedigo (music) for loaning her entire black light stash for this display.  May the books be with you.  LIGHT 'EM UP!
Above display made by a Mrs. Martin's son, a 6th grader.

 Below: Fredzilla-based costumes in daylight, Special Needs

Below: Fredzilla-based costumes with black light

Ceramic creatures, 3rd grade

Glowing Aliens in Underpants

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