Friday, May 29, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Ceramic Carbonite Boxes-4th Grade

Carbonite was such a hit with 5th grade, why not do it with 4th?  Of course, we couldn't do the same thing (that would be too easy), so we made carbonite boxes from clay that included a secret compartment!

Time was running a little short (field trips and whatnot), so each of my five 4th grade classes had two art classes to complete this task.  Okay, they technically had 3, as we spent the week before clay day watching the clip, discussing necessary features, and sketching out what our aliens-trapped-in-a-box would look like.  Day 1 of clay consisted of me demonstrating how to pound out the shape of their box and carve out the inside, me cutting and passing out between 24 and 30 chunks of clay per class, and me slicing the tops off each box with my clay wire so the kids could dig it out.  Not bad for 40 minutes, Oh, and we did have to have time for clean up, which included each student putting a piece of newspaper between the box and the lid so they wouldn't get stuck together, writing names on the bottom, and placing them all ever so carefully on a tray that gets covered in plastic.  Day 2: pass all work back a.s.a.p., demonstrate slip/score procedure to attach parts, add details with clay tools, and return to tray to dry.  About two weeks later, all work was fired and ready for painting, which was really easy-give everyone SILVER!

A view of the secret compartment...

and a few of his fallen comrades.

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