Thursday, May 14, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: CG Designed Spaceships-5th grade

Okay, we didn't use computers-we used iPads, since that's what we've got (and it was ISTEP time...all labs were booked, anyway).  This is another 123D Sculpt project (to see our sci-fi aliens, click here).  I introduced the kids to Industrial Light and Magic, which if you somehow haven't heard of it, is the special effects juggernaut created by George Lucas.  They're now responsible for effects in over 300 movies and counting.

To start, we watched a short info clip on ILM, followed by a longer video clip demonstrating how ILM made the Knightship in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.  I wanted to make sure they saw the process and understood why certain steps have to go in a particular order.  In our case, take a base form (a jet), alter the form to look like a ship, then add texture, and lastly, color (because they always want to jump in and color first...).  I thought the end results were pretty impressive for a free app, and included a video showing even MORE awesome ships made by my 5th graders.  They were having so much fun with it they ended up spending three classes working on them!

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