Friday, May 29, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Tooled Carbonite Boxes-5th Grade

5th grade, by tradition, makes something from metal tooling every year.  Whatever that thing is depends on my theme for the year (hey, I get bored-might as well come up with something new!).  The answer of "What to do?" came to me pretty easily this year-carbonite!

What is carbonite, you say?  Any hard-core Star Wars fan can answer that question.  It's that box that contains a freshly frozen Han Solo/Harrison Ford, complete with a control panel and a screen to check vital life signs.  The kids watched the clip where Hans was frozen, and we had an interesting discussion about what they thought was used to make the real box (Guys, the sound crew did a great job.  The box was NOT made of concrete).  Our boxes were made from brass-coated tooling foil, but we used the back side since carbonite is silver colored.  After frozen 'innocent' creatures on paper (and remembering to use implied lines for the knees, palms, etc.,) we traced it onto the back side of the foil, removed the paper, and busted out our embossing tools.  After a little bit of rubbing with a thick pile of newspaper underneath, we had ourselves some low-relief aliens frozen in a box.  We tried the black acrylic method for aging the metal, but in some cases, it was resistant to rubbing off with steel wool.  The last few classes skipped that step to save time, anyway.  Either way, they caught the attention of everyone else!  So shiny...

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  1. I happen to love tooling foil, and this is a unique, and totally fun idea! Pinning it!!