Saturday, May 2, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Aliens Love Underpants-Kindergarten

I needed something very kid-friendly and non-gender specific for my sci-fi unit for the little guys.  I had my daughter in mind, since I know she would just roll her eyes at Star Wars based projects.  Enter Aliens Love Underpants!  It's a fun book that any kid can relate to, and they thought it was hilarious that a teacher would say the word "underpants" in class, anyway.

The kids used a stencil for the basic body shape and could add as many arms/eyes/tentacles as they were capable of cutting out.  They got to choose boxers or bloomers for the bottoms (also hilarious).  Once it was all glued together, we used homemade stamp pads (foam with paint on top-just fold and place on something that can get messy) and donated stampers to create patterns on our awesome undies.  To add to the fun, the PCE aliens will be part of a blacklight display (stay tuned!).

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