Monday, October 19, 2015

Alexander Calder Fish: 4th grade

More Calder action from art!  The fish have become a tradition at both of my schools each year.  As soon as they go up in the case, younger grades drive me crazy with the question of,  "When do we get to make THOSE?"  4th grade, kiddos.  You must be PATIENT.

The fish require a little bit of time to prep.  Each fish is cut and then bent by hand for each student, which requires a lot of wire coat hangers, bolt cutters (YES!) and pliers for bending.  This equals about 125 fish created at home annually by myself and my handy husband, who likes to see how many he can chop at once with bolt cutters (5 is the limit, by the way).  The students then learn all about Calder's fish, including materials used and ways they show subtle movement.  The goal for each student was to use wire (bending/cutting with jewelers pliers) and beads to create a fish that had some movement and was interesting to behold.  Here are a few 'shining' examples.

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