Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Alexander Calder Wire Portraits: Mixed Age

American artist Alexander Calder is best known for his mobiles, but he did SO MUCH more than that.  He did painting, printing, moving sculptural circus acts, and wire portraits.  I got the idea while searching for a good Calder video for another class, and and stumbled across one featuring his portraits (inlcuding art he made as a kid!).  They're so simple but so cool.  He took wire and shaped it to create all the facial features and even hair...with what appears to be one extremely long wire.  They're three-dimensional, which makes them even more fun.  I have a never-ending supply of wire coat hangers to use as an armature of sorts, so I thought, "Why not make some wire portraits?"  We used some thin copper wire and jewelers pliers to create our facial features, and since the class is small, they didn't really have a limit on how much they used (unless they were getting ridiculously carried away).  The end results were pretty unique and they had so much fun they were begging to do it again (sorry, have to learn other things, guys!).

Artist of the Week (with LOTS of curly hair)

This is not upside down...those are buck teeth, not glasses...

 Smooth operator

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