Friday, October 30, 2015

BRITTO CENTRAL: Grades K-6 (minus 5)

To start off the year this year, I wanted an artist that was fun, positive, and ALIVE.  So often in the arts, we focus on artists that are long gone.  We do this so much, I think, that the kids often feel that no famous artists are alive.  Enter Romero Britto!  He's alive and well, living in Miami, Florida.  He's made art for the World Cup, the Super Bowl, and the King Tut exhibit in London, to name a few. He has a facebook page, instagram, and a YouTube channel (raising his coolness factor with the kids).  His webpage features his art and has some prints and other items for sale at reasonable prices, probably since Romero wants art to be accessible to everyone.  He wants to leave a positive imprint on the world, and it shows through his eye-popping, bright, and fun art.

Romero Britto, A New Day, 2001

I wanted as many grades as possible to learn about Britto, so all of my classes completed one lesson featuring his art (save 5th grade-they were doing Lichtenstein onomatopoeias, which I also feel are important to learn).  They discussed his use of pattern, bright colors, and we even talked about what that 'squiggle' is on his work (his signature-he uses his signature as a pattern!).  We even listened to salsa while we worked to get in that Miami state of mind.  They were SO excited to learn about a living artist that they were asking me to contact him, so I will be emailing his people a.s.a.p.  Instead of making 7 posts about each project, I made a video featuring the highlight reel from each grade.  Enjoy!

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