Monday, June 8, 2015

Art of Science Fiction: Star Wars Inspired Masks-6th grade

It's been two weeks since school ended, and yup, I'm still catching up on posts.  Why so slow?  Well...ever turn on your computer to be greeted by that awesome blinking cursor against a black screen (a.k.a. the screen of death)?  My hard drive died. At least it waited until school was over and chose a summer when I have no classes going on...anyway, working on a tablet makes the going a little slower.  On to the art!
The grand finale was (and always is) 6th grade, with their Star Wars inspired masks.  The goal?  Create an other-wordly being using just about any glue-on item available in the art room plus acrylic paint.  I even had a couple students who chose to bring materials from home to add to their masterpiece.  This project does take awhile, but it tends to use all the skills the students have been learning from day one, plus a few extra (well worth it).
I buy plaster gauze (same stuff used to make casts for broken arms) in a giant box and each student gets a 12"x12" ish wide sheet.  They cut it into strips, get it wet, and lay it on plastic molds, making sure to smooth all the plaster chunks as they go.  Once dry, we pop them off the molds, trim the excess, and either add attachments with hot glue or start painting with acrylics, depending on their design.  If it was an attachment that needed painting, add first.  If it was already colored (like pipe cleaner), add last.  I think most of them were pretty impressed with their own work-I know I was pretty proud of them.

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