Friday, January 22, 2016

James Rizzi Happy Cities: 2nd Grade

 James Rizzi is an American pop artist who gained a lot more popularity in Germany than the U.S. (His .com is even German based).  His work is bright, colorful, and fun, and the kids love his buildings with personality.  Literally-his buildings have faces and show their own moods.  We looked at Rizzi's City Day, City Night, and once they got past the fact that the buildings are in all colors of the rainbow AND have giant, cheesy grins, we talked about all the shapes Rizzi used to create them.  Do windows normally have hearts, stars, and diamonds for their shapes?  NO!! But Rizzi's did, and that's what made them so much fun.

For the first part of our assignment, 2nd graders worked with a partner to create a digital city.  Our goal was to create the building out of shapes using MoMA Art Lab, make sure it was colorful, and create the faces last.  They were to avoid using line except for the tiny details-dots on the eyes, whiskers, teeth, etc.

For part two, each student created their own building.  This time, there was more focus on the shapes for the windows and making the face unique so that it stands out when in a sea of other buildings.  We then combined each student's building to create a city for the whole class!  They were pretty proud of their work, once the whole thing was together.  Yes, some of the building placements are intentional-girly buildings by geeks, cutesy beside scary...makes it more entertaining! 

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