Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow painting-Special Needs

Snow in's a guarantee we'll see some, but we never know how much, what kind, or when. Back at the end of November we had our first snow of the season, and it wasn't just a dusting. It was a good few inches AND wasn't that dry, powdery nonsense, either.  It was wet and awesome, so I jumped at the chance to snow paint.   Color theory with paint on paper is fun, but color theory on things that aren't paper is MORE fun.

I've taken kids out with squirt bottles filled with food coloring/liquid watercolor, but that requires temps above 20 degrees and kids to have boots, coats,'s fun, but can be a hassle.  This time, I brought the snow to them.  Before my first class, I filled up a few ice cream buckets with snow and left it just outside my door to stay nice and cold (plus mother nature filled the buckets even more with snow that blew off the roof).  When it was time for my class 'o special people, I brought it all in, scooped it into their own personal pie pan, and let the games begin.

We'd already done some mixing of primaries to get secondaries, so this time we worked on making intermediates with cool colors.  Each table had three cups of liquid watercolor-one of each color, and each student had their own pipette.  They really had to work those motor skills to pinch the pipette, suck up color, and squirt on the snow.  Most were having so much fun that I had to refill their plate a few times.  Once they had their fill of painting, they had just as much fun playing with their snow. Since their masterpiece was going to melt, I took pictures for them.  Here they are-snow paintings! (Disclaimer: no, they don't look like 'something'-that was the point.  Good ol' fashioned, messy, mixing fun).

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