Saturday, May 14, 2016

Medieval Arts: Becoming a Knight, Special Needs

Help! Save us all!  There's a dragon in the library! 

Most dragons may be known for hoarding treasure, but this particular fire-breathing beastie prefers library books over earthly treasures.  Made by our librarian, Mrs. Martin, I felt he had a higher calling than just hanging out over the check-out counter.  Enter my special needs kiddos and some technology...

Over the course of about 6 weeks, we toiled and troubled and worked our fingers to the bone to complete art room training as a knight.  We made lances, bucket helmets (front-half only...didn't want to scare anybody), and shields, and to top it all off, every student got their chance to 'slay' the dragon via green screen magic (courtesy of Adobe Photoshop Mix).  We even made sure to watch a video for our 'training' to see how all this equipment is put in motion.

Keep in mind, the app is the pictures are awesomely cheesy, but it got the job done.

Also, kudos to Mrs. Martin and her helpers for the awesome castle-like frontage the library has been sporting for the last month.

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