Friday, February 5, 2016

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Portraits-Mixed Age

I love retirees, and not because they are leaving.  They give away GREAT STUFF when they are in the process of leaving, and that's what makes them great.  Yarn, pipe cleaners, foam, random odds and ends...I've gotten it all over the years, and I put it to use.  Awhile ago, one gave me some fake flowers.  It wasn't quite enough for a whole grade to use, but it would work for a class or two.  They sat for a few years until the perfect idea came to mind, which hit me this year-ARCIMBOLDO.

Huh??  Some might not have a clue what this means, so I'll explain.  Giuseppe Arcimboldo was surreal before surreal was cool.  He was a 16th century Italian painter (painting around the same time Leo was painting Mona) who liked to paint profile view portraits of people.  They weren't just any people, though...they were people made of flowers, trees, broken fruit buckets, I said, surreal before surreal was a 'thing.'

Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Spring

I showed the kids Archie's series of seasons, and they thought it was very left field.  SO, hey, why not do it ourselves?  I pulled out a mish-mash of supplies, including random ribbon, fringe scraps, tissue paper, and of course, the fake flowers.  They drew a profile portrait and went to town.  Those who got the idea did really well, and those pics are below.  I think they had a good time, even though their people weren't exactly of the daily variety.

PC Artist of the Week, Spring