Thursday, December 15, 2016

Art Room News: The Mural! and Other Things

"Mrs. Heigl!  The 6th graders are drawing on the WALL!"

This has been a common report for the last few days...and the answer as to why I'm happy about it is at the end of this post.  On to the long overdue Art update!

Both schools are now building their Artsonia galleries (PC and OES) and have posted 1,115 pieces of art between them THIS SCHOOL YEAR, which is amazing considering it's only grades 3-6 participating at the moment.  If you're a 5th or 6th grade parent wondering why those grades have posted less, the answer is simple.  They're awesome.  Due to this indescribable awesomeness, their art takes time.  Take 6th grade mugs, for example.  They get three weeks (three 40-minute classes, mind you) to build, then they dry for two weeks, and it takes 2-3 more classes to get them glazed.  They get fired again, and THEN they are done.  Great art takes time, and there will be more pictures posted in the near future (i.e. second semester).

What I love about Artsonia is that it is an excellent confidence booster for those who needed it.  Kids that are signed up (via parent/guardians who were sent a slip or an email) can have a fan club of family members and friends.  Their fan club members are allowed to comment on their art (with parental approval), and this is where the ego boost comes in.  Kids who were struggling before (and not believing their art teacher) are now trying harder and believing in themselves because they know people important to them are watching.  If you're not signed up, check your email!  I may send another round of slips home at the beginning of second semester.

I've also been building my YouTube channel, which, as I've told the kids, does not need to go viral.  My students call it Digi Heigl, because it's ME, but digital and therefore better in their eyes.  I find it handy because by using videotaped demonstrations 1) everyone can see, 2) I can rewind, and 3) absent kids can be easily caught up via Digi Heigl while I work with the rest of the group.  It has been a time saver for all, and it has helped student performance.  I even have a few students watching my channel in their free time and bringing in what they did for extra credit!

Anyway, as for new news...Otterbein 6th grade was granted permission from our fearless leader, Mr. Brown, to make a mural for the specials hallway.  The mural will replace the little signs that are hanging on the cork strips to tell kids where to hang their coats.  All 6th grade students made a design, and the 6th graders narrowed it down per class (America's Got Talent style...some were channeling their inner Simon Cowell).  I, with the help of 4th grade, helped narrow the pool to 5 final winners.  These winners will draw their design on the wall so that each 6th grader can paint at a later date.  Project updates will be posted as soon as work commences!

These designs are just rough sketches on photos of the wall.  More pictures to come once they start on the real thing!

Jacelyn V.

Braelynn H.

Jocelyn W.

Ashlynn S.

Jenay G.