Friday, May 12, 2017

Chocolates and Flowers: 2nd and 1st Grade Ceramics

Chocolate...a favorite for (most) students.  The idea of chocolate will make kids do some amazing things, like eat broccoli, wash the table, or pick up their toys.  What better subject to use for our clay project in Art class?  Previous 2nd grades have made donuts and ice cream bars from clay, but this year we changed our tasty treat to CHOCOLATES.  Peter Anton is a Pop artist best known for his over sized and hyper realistic sculptures of food, including a box of chocolates that is about 4 feet tall.  His sculptures are made from wire, plasters, foam, and paint,  but look SO delicious.  Second grade's mission was to make a chocolate from clay, then paint it and make it look so real their families would want to eat it.  I say mission accomplished.

Can you find the tractor?


Of course, what goes better with chocolate than flowers?  These beauties were started in FEBRUARY to make sure they were complete in time for Mother's Day.  Glazing has to be completed in small groups, so March was over before all of them were ready for their glaze firing.  Now they are finished and B-E-A-Utiful.  Our inspiration was from Georgia O'Keeffe, and we attempted to capture the shape and texture of her flowers in 3D, starting with a pinch pot base and throwing in a little slicing for petals.

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