Monday, June 5, 2017


No, we haven't been painting this and only this since January...that would be CRAZY!  Students worked diligently during their Art classes in January and just into February, then we hit a point where all that was left were touch-ups, which are hard to manage with three classes full of sixth graders.  This left their fearless Art teacher and VERY generous and talented night custodian Miss Lynie (her superpower is painting) to finish the task.  Since the building isn't heated in the off-hours (warm enough to not shake while painting, anyway), we had to pick and choose our weekends to work based on the outdoor temperature as well as work around our own crazy schedules.   At long last (and 12+ hours later) all of the touch-ups and punch-ups are complete.  We didn't want to change what the students did, just enhance it to its full potential.  Here are some final results, with a few before-and-afters.

The Ocean Wall 

Lunch Kids


Dragon Wall

Detail of one of my favorites (It's just rude to step on a dragon's tail...)

Paint Blob before....

 And after

Paint Blob Wall (and that object to the right of the outlet is an upside-down cell phone with paint blob wallpaper).

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