Wednesday, January 25, 2017

OES Mural: Week Two

Work continued on the mural last week, and this time things went a little faster.  Set up was much easier now that the 6th graders knew what they were doing, and they all settled in to paint with a more relaxed vibe (as opposed to last week, which was a little antsy).  They had a few "beautiful oops" moments where they had to think on their feet and figure out what our oops needed to become, but I hope the kids are learning that whoopsies (and working with them) are just part of the process.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

OES Mural: Week One

On January 11th, painting commenced in the specials hallway!  After several days of sketching and sanding (all done by the contest winners and some willing volunteers), we were finally ready to get some actual paint on the wall.  Since we're using acrylic, we have to lay plastic down every time we paint and everyone is working in sock feet to avoid ruining expensive shoes.  So far, all of the 6th graders are ready and willing to paint, and there was little goofing off to be had (teacher win!!).

Now that there's some actual color on the wall, the younger students are starting to understand what we're up to.